What is a converted van?

A converted van is a utility vehicle transformed into a comfortable and functional living space. It is equipped with custom furniture, storage, a kitchenette and other facilities to make traveling more enjoyable. Our vans are deliberately not concentrated in luxury, and are equipped in a vanlife spirit. However, they have the necessary comfort.

What types of vans do you offer for rental?

We offer a variety of converted vans, all Volkswagen brands. The years of manufacture of our vans vary depending on the model chosen. Each van is carefully selected and fitted out to provide comfort, style and functionality.

Is it possible to rent a van for a short period?

Yes, we offer rentals for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on your needs. Whether you want to take a weekend getaway or take a longer trip, we have options to suit every length of stay.

Can I drive a campervan with a standard driving license?

Yes, our campervans can be driven with a standard European Category B driving license. Please contact us for information specific to your situation.

Are the vans equipped with everything necessary to be autonomous?

Yes, our vans are equipped with camping essentials, including comfortable beds, a kitchenette with stove, sink and refrigerator, and storage for your personal belongings. We also provide additional equipment upon request, such as linens, camping chairs, etc.

How can I reserve a van?

You can easily reserve a van via our website by selecting the desired rental dates and completing the online reservation request form. You can also contact us directly by telephone or email for further assistance or advice.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Our cancellation and refund policies vary depending on rental length and specific circumstances. Please review our rental terms and conditions or contact us directly for detailed information on our cancellation and refund policies.