Escape in a converted van or on a motorboat

Equipped for adventure, our campervans offer you not only a comfortable shelter with 2 to 4 beds, but also an experience where travel becomes a way of life.
Carefully appointed and personalized interiors in a vintage spirit, our vans transport you to a time when the essence of the journey was as important as the destination itself.
For those who prefer the infinite horizon of the ocean, Boost Evasions also offers the rental of two motorboats of different capacities, with no skipper.

Vans designed with you in mind

We design and equip our vans as we would like them to be for trips with friends and family.

Vintage culture

Looking to the future, enjoying the present and living in the past - it's in this spirit of vintage vanlife, neither nostalgic nor avant-garde, that Boost Evasions designs its vans.

A passionate team

Before sharing this adventure with you, we have lived it ourselves, and continue to live it. This knowledge enables us to give you the best advice.

For beginners and advanced

Experience is learned by living it. Our vans offer infinite possibilities of autonomy for the most adventurous as well as ease of use for the less adventurous.

Competitive rates

The manufacturing processes of our vans are based on an eco-responsible and economical approach to promote this extraordinary experience.

Available service

Although problems never happen, we're always available to answer your questions and share your experience.

Location van équipé Normandie Bretagne France

An immersive natural experience in a converted van

Soak up the sea breezes, discover hidden beaches and get lost in picturesque villages. Our fleet of campervans departing from Normandy (Granville – 50) offers you the freedom to explore the most charming corners of Normandy and Brittany, where wild nature and history meet on winding roads.
Departing from Paris-Ile-de-France (Seine-et-Marne 77), our vans will allow you to take advantage of this central point to sail as you wish towards the east, the north, and why from the south. ..
Each van is ready to take you off the beaten track, where memories are woven over the miles.

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of one of our converted vans, ready to devour the miles, discover breathtaking landscapes and experience moments of absolute freedom. Our vans are equipped and designed to meet all your needs, whether for a weekend getaway or an extended trip across the country.

An extraordinary motorboat adventure

We offer a range of powerboats, available for charter, accommodating up to 10 people without a skipper for independent explorers, and up to 28 people with a skipper for those who prefer a assisted sailing experience. Regardless of your group size or experience level, we have the perfect boat for you.

Our powerboats are your ticket to freedom on the water, offering endless opportunities to explore the sparkling waters of Granville Bay and beyond. Whether you want to explore the Channel Islands, indulge in sea fishing or simply enjoy a relaxing day with the family, our boats available for hire are ready to take you where the heart of the island beats. ‘adventure.

Location bateau à moteur Normandie Bretagne France